The Team

The site is managed by individuals who are passionate and creative, and they are seeking likeminded individuals from different backgrounds within the creative discipline primarily based, but not limited to, South East Asia and South Asia to become associated with Kreatif Beats. If you are interested please contact us.

Editorial Board: Sherry Blankenship, Yip Jinchi and Vinod Nair
Art Direction: Vinod Nair, Shamsul Hamimi and Sherry Blankenship

Submissions / The core purpose of Kreatif Beats is to share diverse views as well as local or regional knowledge and information on creative disciplines to address pressing or pertinent issues related to the discipline or thought processes in South East and South Asia. We would like to exchange ideas, whereby we and our readers are informed, intrigued, provoked, or simply entertained.

The guidelines are simple. 

  • an article of 500 to 1500 words in Google or Word, in English
  • minimum of two images (feature image 1048 px wide and article image 500 px wide)
  • a short bio (50-100 words)

We reserve the right to make edits to correct language, grammar, and structure as needed while maintaining the content and intent of your submission. Articles may be casual in tone and content or rigorously structured and edited but should be well-considered explorations.

How to submit / Email your submission (or any questions ) to submission.kreatifbeats@gmail.com and copy the email to kreatifbeats@gmail.com

If there is any problem or questions regarding your submission, the editors will contact you. Otherwise, we will attempt to publish your contribution in the next cycle.

Keep your ideas coming. We would love to have considered opinions, innovative ideas, solid information, personal reactions to events and exhibitions or simply some fun ideas.

We would love to review your articles, click here to contact us.