LOOK—An Exhibition of Works by the faculty of Taylor’s Design School

LOOK cover
Poster designed by Associate Professor Sherry Fresia

The faculty of the Taylor’s Design School, presents their first-ever faculty show in CoDA on the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus from November 12—24. The show opens on November 12 at 11 am. It will be open daily from 10 to 4 pm throughout exception Sunday.

This is an opportunity for students, faculty and friends to see the varied range of works from the traditional to the virtual and beyond. The scale of works also spans the gamut of sizes from the handheld to sculptural. Many faculty have worked alone while several have worked in groups to harness and complement their range of talents while the work can be admired and enjoyed by all ages. The quality and range of the work represents but a small portion of the talent within this faculty. They are very pleased to have the opportunity to share their creative energies with those who are able to attend.

A sampling of the diversity includes faculty/student prize-winning sculptures, video games, collage, mixed media, photography, illustration as well as traditional painting and collages.

For example, Mike Choong’s work, Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S), a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) that commemorates the 19 years that have passed since Counter-Strike was first released. This is a ‘mod’ of the most popular shooter maps ever made – the Dust2 map. While preserving the gameplay and overall layout design, all of the texture which presents the ‘face’ of all structures and the architecture were modified to resemble the Kuala Lumpur landmarks and street scenes of the early 2000s. On the other end of the spectrum, Jinchi Yip provides a more traditional approach in her work that examines the non-duality, the grey area, where there is no absolute. The context is art as body decoration, with no definition, no judgement.

Martin Chong Yuh Lin has utilized his photography talents by shooting each of the faculty so that their images play throughout the catalogue.

Some of the faculty worked as pairs or groups. For instance, Kannan Vijayan, Razif Mohamed, and Noranis Ismail coordinated talents to develop a dystopian world in which Noranis developed the story, Razif provided the sound effects and Kannan created all of the visuals.

In addition, the faculty who teach interior design will provide large-scale, three-dimensional works as well as glass paintings and two-dimensional investigations.

The faculty participating include Aidatul Aida Ahmad Kushairi, Annie Jaid Parker, Charles Sharma Naidu, Choong Wai Keng, Choy Chun Wei, Edwin Nada Chomen, Ernesto Carlos Pujazon Patron, Jeffrey Patrick, Kannan Vijayan, Martin Chong Yuh Lin, Mohd Asrizal Razali, Mohd Redzwan Hisham Bidin, Noorhayati Saad, Noorseah Amat, Noorshafandi Abdul Rahim, Noranis Ismail, Norji Nasir, Nur Diana Mohamed Rosli, Razif Mohamed, Sh Nur Sharmila Sy Mohamed Sharer, Shamsul Hamimi Ab Rahman, Sherry Fresia Blankenship, Vickram Thevar Vijayan, Vinod J. Nair, and Yip Jinchi.

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