The Seven Deadly Sins of the Malaysian Society

The seven deadly sins are those transgressions that are fatal to spiritual progress.

Everyone possesses these traits, but sometimes they make up an entire personality. Malaysia has faced a lot of problems throughout the years that hinder the country’s development, but we fail to see that we are the problem.

Without change, the next generation of Malaysians will inherit the same traits, thus continuing the never-ending cycle. Most of the issues in Malaysia are known by the locals, however, they are taken lightly, and nothing has been done to improve them.

The objective of my project is to bring more awareness to the problems in Malaysia.

By highlighting these issues in the form of the seven deadly sins, they will hopefully bring more attention on the problems. The seven contrary virtues will act as the solutions to improve the country’s development, strengthen the society, and fulfill the goal of being a better country.

My project consists of seven posters with animations, and a booklet.

1. Gluttony

Seven Deadly Sins Posters. Illustrations by © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

Malaysia has been the most obese country in Asia for 30 years, and is still going strong. It’s easy to put the blame on our delicious dishes, however, it is our lifestyle choices and our unwillingness to change that has earned us this title.

The poster depicts an obese man, standing loud and proud on a podium as he waves the Malaysian flag with a chicken leg in his other hand. The two other contestants who are also very much obese, are unamused as the winner celebrates with his gold medal gleaming amongst the colorful confetti in the air. Source

It may not be easy to let go of this distinguished title, but we must do our part in improving our own well-being, as well as improving the country as a whole. So, how do we move down to #2? Below is a list of healthy habits to include in our daily life to start becoming a better version of ourselves. Remember, consistency is key.

Gluttony — Solutions.


2. Lust

Seven Deadly Sins — Lust Poster © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

Upon first glance, you may assume the little girl in the man’s arms is his daughter. When you notice they are wearing the traditional Malay wedding attire, you might feel confused. And when you realize that she is being forced to leave her childhood behind to marry a stranger who is older than her father, the only way to react is to feel disgusted. Although you may feel repulsed just by seeing an illustration of a child marriage, it is happening in real life, every day.

Child marriages in Malaysia are most commonly young girls being sent off to a much older man, usually in exchange for a large amount of money from the man to the girl’s family. Married girls are less likely to remain in school, they are more vulnerable to domestic and sexual violence, and many suffer disrupted emotional and psychological development. No child should have to experience this kind of life, and it is truly devastating that it is happening not only in Malaysia but also all around the globe. Source here and here.

The reason why child marriages are still prevalent today is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding on the topic, and here is how we could help these people realize that child marriage is wrong:

Lust — Solutions


3. Greed

Seven Deadly Sins — Greed Poster © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

Corruption and capitalism — two words that are very associated with the Malaysian government. Everyone is well aware of the scandals, what happens behind the scenes, and which particular people are guilty. Nonetheless, nothing much has changed in the past few decades despite the entire nation knowing what goes on within the government. It seems almost as though everyone knows that nothing will change so they turn a blind eye and choose to ignore it.

The animation for this poster depicts the three races of Malaysia: Malay, Chinese, and Indian, participating in corruption by taking and giving bribes. The 100 Ringgit bills are poking through every inch of their suits, while they grin proudly because they believe they can get away with anything. Source.

Greed — Solutions


4. Pride

Seven Deadly Sins — Pride Poster © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

It’s easy to get caught up in the instant gratitude of shopping, especially with the endless list of unnecessary things that you absolutely feel youneed, paired with your disposable income. It’s not going to turn out so well. Some people may get so caught up in this lifestyle that they become out of touch with reality.

They could spend hundreds of ringgits on a whim, but act as if they don’t have anything to give to the beggars on the street. We should at least have some sympathy, or be grateful for the life you have compared to them. Don’t forget, you may be comfortable now, but anything could happen in life. Tomorrow, things might go downhill in a blink of an eye. Instead of just hoping something like that never happens, here’s how you can help the needy, as well as becoming better for yourself. Source.

Pride —Solutions


5. Wrath

SevenDeadly Sins — Wrath Poster © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

Road rage is a hot topic nowadays, with a new video of people fighting on the roadside being posted every week or so. It makes you think, is the minor scratch really worth fighting over? Or have Malaysian’s just become overly aggressive?

Being in an accident is bad enough, but having to deal with the other person shouting and putting up a fight over it just makes you want to do the same. However, in these types of situations, you must not let anger control you, no matter how much you want to beat up the other driver. Source.

Wrath — Solutions


6. Envy

Seven Deadly Sins — Envy Poster © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

It is inevitable to be jealous of people since we won’t ever truly stop comparing ourselves to them. However, some people choose to prefer to be envious of every little thing they don’t have, and it eats them up over time, turning them into becoming hot-tempered and easily aggravated. Source.

Envy — Solutions

7. Sloth

Seven Deadly Sins — Sloth Poster © Atiqah Farzana, 2022

There is currently a concerning amount of Malaysians who are unwilling to work blue-collar jobs  because these jobs are dirty and laborious with low pay, but they will complain about the foreigners who take up most of these difficult jobs. Such people will continue to leech off their parents while also relying on financial handouts from the government. To label them as ‘lazy’ would be an understatement. Source.

Sloth — Solutions


Seven Deadly Sins Posters © Atiqah Farzana, 2022



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